Just when you thought you've heard it all, Nokia patents a vibrating tattoo. Basically, forget about setting your phone to vibrate, set your arm.

A new patent filed by Nokia describes a piece of fabric that can be attached to your skin, that will also alert you in you have a call. The patent shows a small, square piece of fabric that could be attached to your fingernail, abdominal arm, or forearm. The device would sync with your mobile phone, and when a call comes in would vibrate where it’s attached, sort of like your phone does now. Vibrations could be customized depending on the person calling or type of message you’re receiving. So, the vibration for your girlfriend sending you a text message might feel a little different than your Mom calling to check in.

The patent also suggests producing the same effect with ferromagnectic ink in the form of tattoo which would be demagnetized before it was placed on your body, and then magnetized again once your tattoo was complete.

I guess this could be very interesting depending where your tattoo is!

Take a look at this video from mashable.com via YouTube

Would you be willing to do this? Kind of reminds me of being a cyborg.