Congratulations to Joseph "Mike" Wall, winner of Opportunities Inc. Big Bass Classic and $10,000. Thanks to our participants, sponsors, donors, and friends for making the event a huge success! Hey Mike, I could use about $1000!!!

The mission of Opportunities,Inc. is to provide developmental and support services which assist individuals in attaining a full life in the community.

Here's the way the Bass Classic weighs in played out.

Wall, Mike 7.08 Wright Patman WINNER
Whatley, Michael 7.02 Wright Patman
Guy, Kevin 6.35 Wright Patman
McDonald, Jerry 6.09 Wright Patman
Bergt, Chris 5.88 Wright Patman
Gordon, Ronald 5.75 Wright Patman
May, Travis 5.74 Wright Patman
Adams, Jimmy 5.71 Wright Patman
Rogers, Jason 5.65 Wright Patman
Grey, Nicolas 5.63 Wright Patman

Closest to 6, 5, 4, 3 pound, they won the dollar figure that matches.

Bergt, Chris 5.88 Wright Patman
Guy, Joshua 5.00 Wright Patman
Rainwater, Shane 3.91 Wright Patman
Hill, Rick 3.00 Millwood

Giacomoni, Mark won the Road Runner $250 gas card