Mario will love this. A baker with a lot of time on her hands has come up with a way to make Taco Bells tasty taco in your own kitchen.

Her name is Jasmine Fine and she owns a baking company called 1 Fine Cookie. She posts a lot of her recipes on a blog of the same name. If you're interested in finding out how she came up with her replica Doritos Locos Tacos, visit her website!

Have you ever created your own version of a popular food? My wife makes the nacho's like Carino's makes and I LOVE those. I remember when I was probably five or so, Grandma  tried to recreate KFC's crispy chicken because I was begging for it. When she brought it to me, I knew instantly it wasn't KFC. The crackers she crumbled up to make it crunchy gave it away. Thanks for the effort though Gram. :)