Former Texarkana Texas Police Officer Jason Sprague was remembered as part of a law enforcement bike trek.

As part of the Texas Police Memorial Bike Trek, police officers
from around the state rode their bikes to Texarkana on Monday to remember Officer
Jason Sprague, who was killed in the line of duty on June 15, 2013.

During a brief remembrance ceremony at the Special Operations and Training Center,
the officers presented a memorial flag to Stephanie Sprague and her son, Caden. A
plaque was given to the department. San Antonio Officer Steven Bazany said, “We do
this to honor these brave men and women - as well as remind their communities and
this state what has been lost on their behalf. We want to remind the families of these
men and women that their loved one has not been forgotten.”

The Bike Trek will visit every city, town, and county in Texas that lost an officer during
the last year. They started in San Antonio and, after travelling 1,878 miles around the
state, will end in Austin on May 2nd
After leaving Texarkana, the group will travel to Beaumont for a ceremony.