This past weekend they had a marching band competition at Tiger Stadium in Texarkana which featured local and regional bands from around the area. I really enjoyed watching my stepson and stepdaughter perform for their high school, Arkansas High. It was a very chilly, windy day but the crowd that was on hand seemed to enjoy all the competition that was there to showcase their marching skills.I can always appreciate all the hard work these kids put in to entertain the fans, family and friends. Playing in the band during my junior high days I can relate what it's like to get all your marching steps and maneuvers down. Takes a lot of hard word, dedication and practice to become the best as a marching band.

I ran across this video of the Ohio State University marching band and I thought, if you are currently in a band or used to be,  you will be amazed by their marching routine which is a takeoff on some popular video games. See how many games you recognize!

Take a look.