As a Shlub, I don't get around much, don't do near as much travelling as I would like, but when I get a chance to stay in a 5 Star hotel for a 3 star price, I take it.

My wife Donna, son Tyler and I had the opportunity last weekend to get a half price room at the Omni in downtown Dallas, Texas. What an amazing experience;

  • Except for the construction going on all around it making it a little hard to get to, it's located right next to the convention center in downtown Big D.
  • The hotel is an odd shape architecturally speaking, but beautiful with a broad, futuristic scope and oversize and comfortable lobby furniture that just looks fun, and it is.
  • Three restaurants ranging from a sports bar to fine dining and Texas Bar-B-Que of course.
  • The rooms are fantastic, beautifully decorated with a big flat screen TV, gaming system and computer keyboard included. The most comfortable beds and pillows EVER! I was really trying to figure out how to sneak a bed out, it wouldn't work so I gave up.
  • They also have a workout room, a spa and surely a host of other things I didn't have time to play with.

The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, even toward a Shlub like me.

Bottom line; Would I stay there again? You bet!

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