An scholarship opportunity deadline has been extended. The Single Parent Scholarship Funds in Howard, Sevier and Little River Counties have extended their scholarship deadlines to accommodate more students.

To apply go to, Click on Apply Now, then on your county of residence. Please do not submit your application until you have first uploaded all of the required supporting documentation. If you do not have access to a scanner, contact Career Pathways at UA Cossatot for assistance.
Eligibility Requirements:
  • Resident of the county in which you are applying,
  • High school or GED graduate,
  • Single head of household with majority custody and designated as the primary caregiver of at least one child under age 18,
  • Pursuing a career-oriented course of study to ensure a better standard of living for his/her family.
  • Has not earned an undergraduate degree with the exception of students working towards a Master of Arts in Teaching.
  • Low-income person at or near the poverty level,
  • Applied for and/or received a Pell Grant,
  • Cumulative grade point averages vary by county see your county's webpage for further details
 New Fall 2014 Scholarship Application Deadlines:
 Sevier County Deadline: September 7th
 Howard and Little River County Deadlines: September 15th
 Required Supporting Documentation:
Applicants are required to submit the following items, along with a completed scholarship application, by the application deadline.
All Applicants:
·      Federal Tax Return: Submit the first page of your most recent tax return. Must be provided once per calendar year for each year this scholarship will be used. If you are not required to file taxes, this document is not required.
·      Proof of Financial Aid: Copy of your federal Student Aid Report (SAR) or unofficial printout from the financial aid office of the school you will attend during the semester in which this scholarship will be used. Document must show your awards for the semester. Students not eligible for federal financial aid (Pell Grant) must still provide proof of financial aid to be considered for this scholarship.
·      Transcript: Most recent official or unoffical transcript. Note: If you have never attended college, attach an unofficial copy of your high school transcript or GED certificate and test scores.
·      Proof of Enrollment: A letter of acceptance from the registrar's office or unofficial class schedule from the school you will attend during the semester in which this scholarship will be used.
·      Permission to Release Form: Download and complete the Permission to Release Confidential Information form. Submit with current signature and date once each calendar year for every year this scholarship will be used.
New Applicants:
·      All items listed above
·      Copy of Divorce Decree: Required if applicable to you.
·      Personal Statement: A statement of at least one paragraph in which you highlight your goals, why you chose your particular course of study, and why you feel you are a good candidate to receive this scholarship. Feel free to include anything about your financial situation that would be helpful in evaluating your application.