When you look at all music genres, Country by far puts out more Christmas songs.  Of course a lot are covers, and re-do's, but there are a lot of original country Christmas tunes too.  Taste Of Country did a list of the Ten Best Country Christmas originals.

Starting with number 10...

10)  Born On Christmas Day -- Brad Paisley

9)  Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer -- Elmo and Patsy

8)  Christmas Cookies -- George Strait

7)  Christmas In Dixie -- Alabama

6)  Hard Candy Christmas -- Dolly Parton

5)  Redneck 12 Days Of Christmas -- Jeff Foxworthy (???)

4)  All I Want For Christmas is a Really Good Tan -- Kenny Chesney

3)  If We Make It Through December -- Merle Haggard

2)  Where Are You Christmas -- Faith Hill

1)  Let It Be Christmas -- Alan Jackson

That's Taste Of Country's Top Ten Original Country Christmas songs... Can you think of one that they forgot?  It doesn't have to be written by the singer, just a country original.  Leave your suggestions as a comment below.

I would like to add John Denver's "Christmas for Cowboys"... here's the video...