Looking for a fun place to take the family, friends or even a group? Look no further than Nash, Texas at Legendary Paintball Shooting Sports. Paintball may have been around for awhile but the new facility that recently opened in May is top notch.Legendary Paintball Shooting Sports offers players two fields with blow up courses, one spool field, and one woodsball field. In addition, rental equipment and other paintball items are available. For those who may not know how playing the game works it's pretty simple: teams try to eliminate other teams from play by hitting them with paintballs shot from a compressed air powered gun to mark the opponents with dye.

I played this game several years ago when I lived in Hot Springs and I really had fun but it will definitely challenge you physically with all the running, retreating, and charging you have to do during the game. Just a bit different from sitting behind an iPad, laptop, or video game.

Paintball also teaches you how to work together as a team to achieve successful results in playing the game. The good thing about paintball is you don't have to be a pro to enjoy the sport. And be sure to check out their civilian firearms safety classes starting in October.

The main goal of Legendary is to provide a safe environment for the community where you can come and have a great time.  Civic groups, churches, business groups, and individuals are all welcome to come and have some fun at Legendary Paintball Shooting Sports located at 925 Brower Lane, Nash Texas.

For more information call 903-334-9605 or go to legendaryshootingsports.com