After last weeks opening round loss to Tennessee in the SEC Tournament, the basketball Hogs ended the season on a three game losing slide. To make matters even worse, on Thursday a photo surfaced of Coach Pel with two basketball recruits taken at a High School Basketball Tournament, which is a secondary NCAA violation (Coaches are prohibited from having any contact with a recruit during any competition the athletes are involved in). By Sunday, it was announced that John Pelphrey had been fired as the Razorback Head Basketball Coach.

I hate it because I really liked Coach Pel and I thought we were a player or two away from being a pretty good team this year.  It seems every time the Hogs are about to get over the hump they go and fire the coach just when it looks like things are about to improve. I really hope this doesn't set the program back ANOTHER 4 years.

Plenty have names have been bounced around on Razorback message boards to replace Pel including former Ole Miss and Kentucky Coach Tubby Smith, Missouri's Mike Anderson (Nolans former assistant) and Bill Galespie, who did an outstanding job at Texas A&M but struggled at SEC Power Kentucky .

With the guys we have returning, regardless of who the coach is, I think we should be pretty solid next year if a couple of the new guys coming in step up. The new coach coming in will have a pretty solid foundation to build upon, something Coach Pel didn't have when he arrived four years ago.

Who do you think will or should be the next Hogs basketball coach? Did Mr Long make the right call firing Pelphrey with the highly ranked recruiting class we have coming in? Discuss!!