For those hoping Petrino was going to just hang around in Fayetteville then slip back into the program, sorry, but his house has now sold.


According to ArkansasSports360, Petrino's 8,741 SF home on a 2.88 acre lot sold for $1.7m, $500,000 less than the Petrino's paid for it in 2008.

In May, Petrino sold his home on Beaver Lake in Benton County, Arkansas. It was also reported that he donated his customized Razorback golf clubs and luggage to a Goodwill store in Springdale.

No word on where Petrino is now, but hopefully word his house has sold will finally put to rest the belief that he's just hanging out waiting until things calm down and he's reinstated as head coach (some people seriously believe this).