Congrats to the PG Red Sox, PG Horned Frogs and PG Reds, all three teams are District Champions and headed to their respective TTAB State Tournaments next week.

I am writing this as a dad, not as a reporter. I just wanted to extend my personal congratulations to Coach Mike Cobb and all of his assistants for all of their hard work in helping to create a great baseball team called the PG Horned Frogs.

The Frogs have had a remarkable regular season and district tournament bringing them to the 20-0 mark on their season so far. The next stop is Killeen, TX starting Monday, July 23 for the TTAB State Tournament for boys ages 10 and 11.

The Frogs are:

  • Sam Bradshaw
  • Jackson Cobb
  • Ben Harmon
  • Bryson Harris
  • Nathaniel Henry
  • Braden Hlavinka
  • Tyler Lee
  • Marshall Oubre
  • Logan Richardson
  • Brayden Solida
  • Tyler Standridge
  • Jon Thomas


I also want to congratulate the other two PGYA District Champs;

The PG Red Sox, ages 8 and 9 head to their State Tournament in Chandler, TX next week.

And the PG Reds, ages 12 and 13 head to their State Tournament next week as well in Athens, TX.

If I knew all their names I would list them too.

All of these boys and coaches have worked very hard to achieve the level of success they have attained so far, next week they have to turn it up a notch or two.

Good luck to all our local teams in State competition, we hope they all get to bring home some big trophies.