On a recent Southwest Airline flight, passengers with too much ear wax build-up freaked out when the pilot wished a "mom" a happy birthday over the planes pa system.

Apparently, the pilot had been informed by an air traffic controller that his mother was on board the flight and wanted the pilot to wish her a happy birthday. Over the plane's PA system, the pilot wished the "mom on board" a happy birthday and passengers mistook that as the pilot saying there was a "bomb on board" and panicked.

The pilot clarified to the passengers what he had said, assuring them that there was no danger on the plane, but that didn't stop people from complaining. The FAA was notified, although they say they have no interest in investigating the pilot or the airline for any misconduct. (For once a government agency doesn't go into panic mode over something silly.)

So, the moral of the story... in 2012, don't say anything that even rhymes with "bomb" on a plane.

Somewhere at the bottom of the ocean, Bin Laden is still laughing at us.....