Quick, think fast! What's the first movie quote that comes to mind? What's your favorite movie quote?

It's amazing how these movie quotes just pop into our heads!

So, I walked around the station and said...Quick, give me a movie quote!

Mine is "What is your favorite color? Blue..no yel...Ahhhh! -Monty Python's The Holy Grail.

Jim just said "Hasta lavista, baby" - Terminator

John's "Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a ..." - Gone With The Wind

Jeff said "He's Bonafide!" - O Brother, Where Art Thou

Aaron's was "Ain't got no gas in it!" - Sling Blade

Speaking of movies, I can't wait! Today 'Star Trek Into Darkness' starts!

What movie will you see this weekend? I wonder what movie quote will get stuck in my head this weekend?

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