I'm looking at my Twitter feed this morning and I see the hashtag #SaidNoOnEver. Thought I'd add a few of my own.

The tweet that caught my eye (and the reason it was on my feed) was:

I would love to see John L Smith stick around another year at Arkansas. #SaidNoOnEver


I'm not feeling very creative today, but I'll give this a shot...

I couldn't decide who to vote for, but then I noticed a a lady at the polling place with a sign.. #SaidNoOnEver

I never could figure out whether I liked Coke or Pepsi more until I saw the results of the Pepsi Taste Challenge. #SaidNoOnEver

Wow, the Democratic candidate won California? How did that happen? #SaidNoOnEver

It makes me feel so patriotic to stand in line for an hour to pay for the opportunity to drive my own vehicle at the DMV. #SaidNoOnEver

I absolutely love it when people pull out in front of me then act like I did something wrong. #SaidNoOnEver


Ok, mine were terrible. What have you got? Give me some good ones to read on the air!