Monopoly may be the world's most popular board game and has been around for centuries. We all have become accustomed to moving around the game board buying and trading properties with some very unique game pieces. Well, now the company (Hasbro) that owns the right to Monopoly wants to inject some newness into the game by eliminating one of it's token game pieces and replacing it with something new. This strategy has rubbed die hard Monopoly fans the wrong way.

Basically, the company is letting fans vote on the Monopoly Facebook page, and the token that gets the lowest total will be retired. Fans can also vote for a replacement token: a toy robot, a helicopter, a cat, a guitar or a diamond ring. Are you willing to save your favorite token or not?

Do you remember the original iconic tokens? Scottie dog, wheelbarrow, shoe, top hat, thimble, battleship or the ever-popular race car. I say you at least need to save the race car and the Scottie dog, my personal faves. If I were to get rid of one of them I would get rid of the wheelbarrow or the thimble.

Better hurry voting ends Feb. 5.

Here's photos of your new choices.