Scott Mills did a post on his love of Razorback Sports and it got me reminiscing about my childhood and my Dad.

#1- I remember him taking my brother and I too many a Texas High Tiger football game at Grimm Stadium on Friday Nights . He did not brag about it but he was a star player back in the late 1930's and early forties at T-High. It was always fun whether they won or lost, and most of the time they won , but we always had soft drinks and peanuts when it was warm and hot chocolate on those cold nights.


#2 I remember, he loved college football. Now this was back in the late 1960's and very early 70's  before computers and internet and all the different devices we have today. But Saturday afternoon's were reserved for watching Southwest Conference football games. I remember with a smile on my face when he would have the best game on the "big color tv" that we just purchased, another game on the small black and white tv , and occasionally the sound down so he might keep up with yet another on the radio.

#3 Now unlike me, who likes both Texas and Arkansas, my dad was all Longhorns or for that matter whoever from Texas was playing Arkansas. I remember watching the Game of the Century with  him in our living room when Texas came from behind to win 15-14 in Fayetteville.


Later on as I grew up I still enjoyed going over and watching a good game with him and eating whatever wonderful food or snack he had prepared. There were also many trips with him to Arlington to watch Nolan Ryan pitch for the Rangers or to Houston to see the Astros.

Nowadays I am having the same type fun with my 10 year old David. Hopefully someday he will look back with the same great memories I have.

Thanks Scott for getting me to remember great times!!!!!