I really can't remember the last time I received anything other than a card and a hug for father's day, but just in case one of my kids has been saving their pennies to buy dad a gift, here are a few items I found on Craigslist.

  • Daddy needs a new ski boat kids. I promise, I'll take you out in it every other week (or so).

    I've been looking at boats a lot lately. The old bass boat just isn't cutting it anymore and I'm ready for either a ski boat or a party barge. This one looks like it could do the trick.

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  • How about an Antique Poker Table instead?

    Ok, maybe the boat was a little much. One can dream, right? Here's something that might be closer to the kids price range (I do pay them a pretty decent for doing odd jobs for me, it's time they gave back a little). How about a poker table for dad's man cave kids? Yes, we can play checkers or work puzzles on it too.

    Craigslist Photo
  • This brings back some memories. Let's get really creative and get dad a covered chuck wagon.

    I'm not sure where I'd put it, but this is too cool not to add to the wish list. Reminds me of my childhood when my Grandpa use to hook up the wagon and we would go for miles and miles back into the woods and camp. Of course, i know I'd never get my kids to go spend a night camping in a wagon. (What?!?! No electricity? No computer?!?! No Xbox?!?! This bites dad!)

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  • Maybe a beautiful beach picture?

    At $15 bucks this is probably more within my kids price range. Come on kids, buy daddy a picture of the beach so I can sit and look at it and wish I was there instead of working all the time to buy you food, clothes and Xbox games..

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  • How about an air hockey table? I'll let you play (and lose).

    Hey, it's only $500.00. I'll loan you $480 and you can pay it back over the next year doing odd jobs around the house. This would go perfect in the man cave. :)

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