We here about how important it is to wear our seat belts during the holidays, but it seems that people still haven't gotten in the habit of wearing one! I always wonder why people just don't get it...Seat Belts Rock! And they save lives! Once you get into the habit of buckling up you kinda feel naked without it!

I got into the habit of wearing a seat belt every time I get into a vehicle when I was a kid. Thanks to my oldest sister Lynn. I'd go visit her in San Antonio during the summer. Yes, other kids when to camp but I had it much better! She was a teacher and had the summers off and her apartment had a pool!

Anytime we went somewhere, before she started the car, she'd say "Seat Belt!" or "Buckle Up!." After a few days we'd get in the car and she'd just sit there quietly... and sit there and sit there. Then it would dawn on me! Oh, the car ain't starting until I put my seat belt on! And a life long long habit was born.

My other sister, Karen and a friend were in a car wreck when they were teenagers. It wasn't a super bad wreck, but they did get knocked around quite a bit, and the car was pretty damaged. Luckily they were wearing their seat belts, otherwise they would have gotten really knocked around and I mean bad! As it stood, my sister and her friend got whiplash, but they were able to walk away!

The statistics are scary! According to Tex Dot, did you know in 2011 in Texas alone, 46 percent of teens killed in a vehicle accident weren't wearing a seat belt? That is a scary number! Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths in the U.S.

Life is too precious! So, buckle up! Every Rider, Every Ride. Make it a habit for life.

State Farm/Flickr

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