Ok, Ok, Ok. I get it. Saints fans are ticked off at us for urging people to vote for the Cowboys in the KMSS poll.

But really. When we started talking about this the Cowboys had a mere 15% of the vote and even now, 24 hours later, they're sitting at only 37%.  The Saints had such a HUGE lead in the poll before we even knew about it and us playing around by urging people to vote Cowboys really never seriously changed the outcome of this poll (barring a last minute surge, and I mean a tsunami sized surge).

Here's the deal. That poll wasn't conducted by us. We had nothing to do with it. But when we saw it, we had every right to urge people to vote for the team we hoped would win (or, in my case, who we saw as a large under-dog and wanted to see how close we could get them). Just like the Shreveport stations had every right to urge people to vote Saints.. or the stations located in towns south of Shreveport. I've read email after email on this today saying we were rigging the results, making it unfair, etc, etc. But, I don't see how. We weren't out stuffing the ballot box or threatening people who didn't vote the way we wanted them to. It should go without saying that, if it's a poll where one choice is "Cowboys", the other choice should be "Saints", right???? I mean, is it REALLY our responsibility to explain how the poll works (refer to what I said earlier, it wasn't out poll!)?

"It seems to me that KKYR might be doing a disservice to their Saints Fans. I know, for a fact, there are Saints fans in East Texas!" - Facebook Comment

Btw. If not ONE SINGLE Saints fan had voted in the past 24 hours. The Saints would still be leading by roughly 1000 votes. Again, I never seriously felt the Cowboys would win this poll. But, part of me did want to see if we could get the Cowboys close. :)

Enjoy watching your team pile up stats on the Buc's Saturday Saints Fans. Cowboy fans, guess you'll just have to watch your game at one of our local watering holes.. I'll be at home watching former Razorback's Darren McFadden and Peyton Hillis play as the Raiders take on Cleveland on Direct TV's Sunday ticket. (No, JW, you can't come to my house to watch the Cowboys game Sunday. Get your own subscription to GamePlan....)

BTW. You can still vote if you haven't already.. Text SAINTS or COWBOYS to 22333!