A while back Yankee Candles' introduced their new line of masculine scented candles meant to make a man feel like a man without the preferred floral scents that most candles have. Well, get this they're back and better than ever. With the second line of Yankee Man Candles they've decided to keep the grassy Riding Mower smell, the leathery football First Down, and the musky Man Town from the original series, while replacing the 2x4 scent with the far more mouthwatering Mmm, Bacon! and the buttered popcorn-inspired Movie Night.

Wait a minute if I want to smell up the house with a bacon scent I'll just fry up some bacon and leave the grease in the pan a couple days. And for the buttered popcorn smell about throwing some popcorn in a microwave. Just sayin'!

Here's a few they didn't think of beer breath, mechanic's gas scent (no not that kind of gas) four wheeler stench, hunters woodsey stank, sweaty locker room. What do you think?

Men represent 35 percent of candle users, Yankee’s research shows. Order yours today!