The Halloween season is here and not only are we going to see kids dressed up in costumes but don't be surprised to see the family pooch decked out as well. Dressed-up animals are all the rave these days.    I discovered Tumblr which shows off some of the latest mug shots of bug-eyed smug pugs.

If you enjoy seeing dogs in spiffy garb or get a kick out of puppy Avengers, there is a good chance you're going to LOVE what we have for you here. Ladies and gentlemen , we present to you the ‘Smush Faced Dogs in Costumes’ Tumblr.

“Smush faced dogs” sounds very cute, but what does it mean? Well, pugs, bulldogs and more bug-eyed pugs. From Lady Liberty to Michael Jackson, these crinkly and wrinkly pets know how to take on Halloween in true puppy style. Check out these beastly pugs below.