Dierks Bentley's new album 'Riser' hits stores Tuesday February 25. Did you know he's also got a documentary coming out?

An edited version will air on CMT on February 22.

He talked with People Magazine about the album:

"I want this album to sum up who I am as a guy going through these different changes in life," Bentley, 38, says. "You lose your dad, get married and have kids, but you're on the road rocking and acting like you're 13 years old on stage with a guitar in your hand."

The film follows Dierks over the past 2 years.

The documentary will air in it's entirety on the satellite channel Palladia. Yeah, I said the same thing! What's that?  Well, looks like it's a HD music channel. Here locally you can catch it on Dish on channel 369 and on DirectTV channel 572