There are thousands and thousands of groups and pages on FaceBook, covering just about any topic imaginable. Here are some of my favorite LOCAL ones!

Remember In Texarkana.... Where member post and discuss their memories of life in Texarkana. Like, the old water park next to Skate America, or the Spring Lake Park murders. Warning: This group can be very addicting.


T-Town Music Site.... This is a relatively new group created to help bands find gigs, promote their shows and for the rest of us to see who's playing where around town! If you love live music, then be sure to join this group.


Miller County.. The Official Facebook page of Miller County, Arkansas. They do a good job of updating it with new information.


Texarkana Critic... I've talked about this page before, it's where you can go to give positive or negative reviews about your experiences with  local businesses.


Casa Texarkana... Keep up to date with what a wonderful charity is doing around town.


Senior Citizens - Texarkana... This is a great organization that does so much good in our community. They sponsor the "meals on wheels" program and help low income families and seniors in a variety of ways.


I'm sure there are many other great local Facebook pages and groups.. Feel free to list any I missed!!