Recently on Reddit the question was asked  "What old technology do you prefer over the new modern version?"

For me, that's a pretty easy one! Paper books! I just don't get the e-book thing! I love the feel of a real book in my hands! Turning the pages and I like book marks.

Some on Reddit said they prefer the disposable razors over the electric ones. Others said manual transmission. Oh, I must agree with this one too!

We asked the question on the air and on Facebook and came up with some great comments! Quite a few listeners called in and said they agreed about the paper books. Another called in and said handwritten notes, invitations, cards and thank you notes! Oh, how true! I've actually been invited to a wedding via Facebook! Plus, wedding and baby showers thank you's in a blanket post on Facebook...Really? Maybe, I'm just old fashion?

Tell us some of the old ways you prefer over the new ways because of modern technology.

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