When we last officially left two-time Bachelor star Brad Womack and Emily Maynard, they were engaged.

The taping of the show was over and they were happy about having a "fresh start." That was in mid-March.

Now, it looks like ole Brad may be a two-time Bachelor loser in the arena of love. Although their rocky relationship since then has included a report last month that Emily was about to move to Austin to be with Brad, the buzz is that they've broken up. For good.

Ok! magazine reports that Emily has given Brad back the engagement ring. Life & Stylesays Emily told Brad on April 9 that the relationship is over.

ABC and Warner Bros. tell Lifeline Live that neither Brad nor Emily is available for an interview, adding "we have no comment on the matter."

(Story by:Ann Oldenburg/USA Today)

Was really hoping it would work for the two but I'm not surprised...Are You?