Time is running out to become a Partner in Hope and help St. Judes Children's Research Hospital save kids lives.

Lisa and Jim this morning, Kendra and Michael Aaron midday and then , Mario Garcia and John Williams are anchoring the final leg of the 2 day radiothon from 2 to 6 p.m. this afternoon and evening on KKYR Kicker 102.5. St. Judes cares and treats children with cancer and they have been in the business of finding cures since the late Danny Thomas founded the hospital back in 1962

The survival rate for the most common form of childhood cancer has gone from a lowly 4% in 1962 to an astounding 94% today. It is saving thousands upon thousands of childrens lives. It comes through the research and the funding that you provide for the hospital.

It costs only $20 a month or about 67 cents a day to become a Partner in Hope. I have been to St. Jude and seen this one of a kind facility. They love the children and their families!!

If you are considering making a charitable donation in 2013 there is absolutely no better organization and cause you can give to. Join our team help save kids lives and beat childhood cancer.

Help us reach our goal by 6 pm tonight and spread the word to your family and friends and co-workers to call in and become a Partner in Hope. The number is 1-800-749-4498 or go on line at kkyr.com

Thanks Four States Area for showing you also care about kids!!!!

children being treated at St. Judes