Another weekend of Christmas shopping is underway. Do you find yourself scratching your head trying to figure what to buy that hard to please family member or friend? Well, good news: Starbucks announces their Super Premium gift card and this one is like no other.

The card is made of metal and it cost $50 to make, Superman would likely carry this steel card which comes loaded with $400. However the card will likely be sold via the luxury goods website, comes complete with gold-level Starbucks card membership benefits, such as gifts and freebie refills on brewed coffee and tea.

That's a lot of lattes when you think of it! $450 worth equals 119 grande lattes, 402 K-Cups, or 1,517 cups of Starbucks coffee according to USA Today.

Would you consider buying this metal card as a gift to a coffee lover? Do you think this is just a status buy?

Check out this video on YouTube via WFMY News 2.


LOCALIZE IT: How could YOU spend the $450 locally? How many cups of coffee at a local coffee shop would $450 get you? Is anyone in your audience going to consider buying this gift card? If you could get a $450 gift card to ANY store, which would you choose?