Have you even been stranded in an airport with only the clothes on your back? This recently happened to me and my husband as we headed home from the East Coast.

Once we landed at O'Hare Airport, we found out that not only did we miss our connecting flight due to the tornadoes that swept through the region on Sunday, but we couldn't return home for a few days as all flights going to the Dallas Fort Worth Airport were completely booked.

Although we didn't incorporate weather conditions into our trip, we were grateful to our pilot and first officer who landed our plane safely on the ground. Then it dawned on us that our luggage was on it's way to Texarkana Regional Airport and I didn't have so much as a hairbrush in my purse. Needless to say we were in trouble.

Hotels were booked. Car rental agencies were running out of vehicles. Hordes of weary travelers were in the same boat as we were and camped out at the airport. And don't even get me started on how hard it is to find an outlet in that throng of people in which to charge a cell phone!

By the time Tuesday morning rolled around, we were exhausted, stiff and more than ready to sleep in our own bed. Then, as we were about to board the plane, the airline announced that they had overbooked the flight and that my husband didn't have a seat! Thankfully some kindly strangers said they would fly later so we were able to get home and collapse on our bed the moment we got home. Never before were we so happy to get back to Texarkana.