The Brewers at Brewmeister have done it again, breaking their own record with "Snake Venom" which has won the title for "2013 Strongest Beer in the World" at 67.5%.

Lewis Shand and John Mackenzie are the men behind the Scottish brewery Brewmeister. They won the title in 2012 with their beer "Armageddon" which was a weak 65% alcohol, but "Snake Venom" is 2.5 percent stronger than the previous brew. ( SNAKE VENOM: 67,5% alcohol, 135 proof, 10 times Stronger than Budweiser or similar beers...also stronger than most Vodkas, Tequilas, and Whiskeys, and just a little bit under "151 proof" and Grand Pappy's Sippin' Shine.)

According to the brewery's website, unlike "Armageddon" the taste of alcohol is much more prominent in the new brew,

The alcohol is very strong but the beer still tastes like a beer rather than a spirit. It's hoppy, malty and very pleasant."

Each bottle of "Snake Venom" comes with a warning label to NOT consume more than one bottle per sitting. (Drink responsibly). The recipe has some special ingredients to get the beer stronger, two types of yeast, with beer yeast and champagne yeast, smoked peat malt, and like with all of their fine beers, pure Scottish Water. (No snake venom.)

You can order a bottle online at a cost just over $100 including shipping.

The guys are happy to share the secrets to their world record Scottish brews in this video.