A teacher in Arizona, frustrated by students not finishing their homework, decided to recognize students who failed to turn in homework the most.

The "Catastrophe Award" was given to eight year old Cassandra Garcia recently and her mother, Christina Valdez, is not happy about it. The angry mom calls the award, which is signed by the teacher beside a smiley face, "humiliating" and "disturbing". She's even gone so far as to say her child will not be returning to the school next year.

Of course, the mom has the support of "experts" who equate what the teacher did to bullying.


Well, Ms Valdez, it is humiliating and that's kind of the point. Your little angel should learn to turn her homework in. What kind of message do parents send to their kids for attacking a teacher who is TRYING to teach these kids a lesson? That it's worse to be called out for bad behavior than it is to not do what you're supposed to? Boy, if I had a nickel for every time I was called out in front of my class for something and embarrassed by my teachers.

Boo hoo...

In my opinion, this mother is an example of what's wrong in this country. We're raising another generation of spoiled, entitled brats who grow up believing bad choices (not turning in homework in this case) have no consequences.

Enough of my ranting. What do you think? Was this teacher bullying? Is this just a case of a teacher trying something, anything, to get her students attention? Discuss below!