This has been a fast school year. It seems like yesterday when the kids went back to school and now the school season is coming to an end. Why is it as the season starts to come to a close some students like to create havoc? Is it just boredom? Maybe not much is going on in class, so let's have some fun.I can remember when I was in high school we would have those harmless water balloon fights out in the parking lot at Arkansas High. My how the times have changed! Have you heard about the six students at Cascade High School in Clayton, Ind.? They were suspended for two days after they put more than 11,000 Post-It Notes all around the school grounds and facility on Monday. It was intended as a senior prank and several local people in the community think the punishment is too harsh.

The Superintendent Patrick Spray sees it a different way, he said although the prank was harmless, the students violated the school's code of conduct by trespassing on school property outside of regular school hours. And to make matters worse, a custodian who's a parent of one of the students, let the kids into the school.

Do you think the the suspensions were too harsh?

Check out this video from YouTube and WKRC-TV.