5-year-old Aaron is diagnosed with an extremely rare brain tumor. Grab the box of tissues right? Wrong. 

Just one year after the fact, Aaron is laughing and playing and climbing on playground equipment like the happiest child alive. But the summer of 2012 was a different story.

Last summer Aaron was experiencing nausea and vomiting for a few weeks before an MRI revealed a mass on his brain. Aaron's parents were separated at the time...no, not because of divorce. Aaron's father, Scott, is a lieutenant commander of the U.S. Navy and was stationed in the middle of the Persian Gulf when he heard the news.

By the time Scott was able to return home to his wife and son, Aaron had already undergone emergency surgery. The biopsy of the tumor revealed it to be a medulloblastoma, a very rare type of brain tumor.

Aaron ended up at St. Jude's to continue his treatment. After a second brain surgery, four rounds of chemotherapy and over 30 rounds of radiation therapy, Aaron is doing great. As great as a kid could be after battling a major brain tumor.

He recently finished treatment and visits St. Jude's for checkups. The latest tests show that Aaron is rid of the disease.

Scott never thought he would be able to see his son playing outside again let alone healthy. Being that Scott is in the Navy one might definitely call him a hero, but Scott is now saying that Aaron is his hero.

Just goes to show that not every tragic story has a bad ending. Quite a few do have that happy ending we all want! Makes you think a little more doesn't it? I know it makes me want to not waste a single minute, because you really never know what could happen.

Check out St. Jude's website for the full story here!