Ahh! Good ol' summertime is finally here. Summer signifies many things for me, family vacations, boating on the lakes, neighborhood pool parties, homemade ice cream, and lots of cookouts. Well, today marks the longest day of the year with the Summer solstice. Basically,the sun will shine directly overhead at the Tropic of Cancer while the North Pole reaches its maximum tilt towards the sun. For the Northern Hemisphere, this marks the official start of summer and the longest day of the year. Most of the U.S. will enjoy anywhere from 14 to 16 hours of daylight depending on where you live geometrically. Make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen since the sun will be at it's highest point in the sky around solar noon eastern time.

So try to stay cool this summer and sip up on some sweet tea, but best of all have a safe and happy Summer.

I thought I would put together a few summer music videos from YouTube to help get you in the mood.