With summertime underway I couldn't help of think of all those times when I took a vacation and headed to a beach. I remember many years ago going to Ft. Walton Beach and Destin and seeing the beautiful white sandy shoreline for miles. And then there was Cozumel/Cancun and a place called Passion Island where Carnival Cruise line guests get to go and unwind on a secluded island surrounded by palm trees, white sand and plenty of margaritas. The water is a pristine crystal clear aqua blue color that is just mesmerizing to the soul.

For me there is nothing like a beach excursion to relieve some stress in a very fast paced world in which we live today. With vacation season upon us maybe you're headed to a beach this summer, and if not I've got the perfect song just for you. Close your eyes, put you flip-flops on, jump into your swimwear, and let's go 'Beachin' as Jake Owen's song does just that.

Here's another great summer fun song from Jake Owen.

Here's a list of the Top 10 Beaches for 2014 provided by foxnews.com/travel.