It's no secret anymore that some people just watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. Now of course if you absolutely can't wait to see what's new there are plenty places on the web where you can go to see them before Super Bowl Sunday. But to me it's sort of like knowing in advance who is going to win the game kind of takes the fun out of it unless of course I was a betting man. According to YouTube's research, ads that ran online before the Super Bowl last year got 9 million views, on average. If you waited? 1.3 million. And because of the huge difference in people viewing them, kind of explains why more Super Bowl ads turn up on YouTube.On Monday alone, Volkswagen, Audi, Century 21 and Axe dropped their Super Bowl spots on YouTube. According to YouTube, 34 of last year's ads were online before last year's game and 20 were withheld until the game.

Do you wait until the game to watch the commercials or go online to get a sneak peek?

Here's a few ads... Warning! (spoilers ahead.

Now take a look at the TOP 25 Super Bowl ads of all time.