About 10,000 people may be dead and an estimated 4.5 million people have been affected. There are still areas that haven't been contacted due to the devastation from typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines.

Most people are trying to find food and water so they can survive. According to the Guardian, "at Tacloban's decimated airport, where military planes were busy dropping off much-needed supplies of fuel, water, dried goods and generators, hundreds of survivors waited in queues to leave the chaos."

As of Sunday night over 100 tons of relief supplies have been delivered to Tacloban along with 254 military staff who will oversee the search and rescue operations put in place. Also, in the days following typhoon Haiyan officials want to evacuate more people to Manila and Cebu where currently only 1,120 people have placed.

Disaster Emergency Committee which is made up of 14 aid charities is helping with the relief aid of the this natural disaster along with the Philippine Red Cross.