10 Parents Playing Epic Pranks on Their Kids
2012 was a fantastic year for pranks. Remember that awesomely sassy 'Psh' joke or the adorable Mistletoe setup? We'll say it til we're blue in the face-- we love pranks! They just make life a tad bit more interesting. Now that 2013 has rolled around, we think there…
The Scary Bloody Hand Prank [VIDEO]
Want to scare someone this Halloween? I mean really, really scare someone? Then you need to see this video of a prank that would make me jump at least 50 feet and send me to the hospital.
Slow Walkers it’s Time to Move Aside! [VIDEO]
I admit it. I'm a fast walker. I have left many a friend (and family) in the dust while on a shopping "mission". I don't mean too, it just happens.  So, as you can guess, I really hate getting stuck behind slow walkers!
A guy from Japan has come up with the perfect solution! Check out this…