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Country Stars React To Osama’s Death
On Sunday night President Barack Obama addressed the nation and the world that the U-S military killed Osama Bin Laden. The President said that Bin Laden was killed, after a firefight, in Pakistan.
Justice Has Been Served The American Way! [VIDEO]
Osama bin Laden the mastermind behind the 911 attacks is DEAD. I echo the same sentiments that Americans today are feeling. As country singer Alan Jackson's song "Where Were You" ( when the world stop turning) I still remember where I was and the sick feeling I had the entire …
Is Bullying in Schools Really an Issue?
President Obama and the First Lady talk about bullying and the growing movement to stop bullying in schools.
On Thursday March 10,2011 the President and First Lady will host parents, teachers, students, community leaders and others at a White House Conference on Bullying Prevention...