Roger Creager

Tops in Texas: Who Lands at No. 1 This Week?
After Sunny Sweeney made history last week, when she became the first female singer to have two consecutive No. 1's in Texas; Mario Flores, Aaron Watson and Roger Creager hope to make her run on top short this week.
Our Top 5 Picks: Texas Artists That Will Dominate 2015
Throughout the history of "Texas Music" there have been certain artists that stepped forward as... "leaders" per-say. These leaders made headway for the rest of our favorite artists. In the beginning, we had Pat Green, Cory Morrow and Roger Creager step up, follow…
Roger Creager’s Crowd Surfing Dad
Chances are, if you've been to at least two Roger Creager shows, you've seen his dad, Bill, performing with him. The elder Creager, a retired Army Green Beret has become a staple, and fan favorite on Creager's stage. Well, last weekend he took it to an entirely new level, he crowd sur…