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T Is For Topotecan – The ABCs Of Cancer
So what is Topotecan?
For those with neuroblastoma, a malignant tumor that develops from nerve tissue (U.S. National Library of Medicine), they may be quite familiar with what Topotecan is.
But for the uninitiated, Topotecan (aka Hycamtin) is a chemotherapeutic drug that helps relieve torsional strain…
P Is For Possibilities – The ABCs Of Cancer
What did you dream of doing as a child? Did you wish you could fly through the air like Superman? Or swim through the water like a mermaid? Now imagine that your dreams were taken away from you, never to be returned. That's what can happen to children with brain tumors...
K Is For Kemo – The ABCs Of Cancer
No matter how good we may or may not comprehend spelling, one thing that everyone can understand is pain, particularly when it comes in the form of cancer. How we deal with that pain, however, is a different matter altogether.

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