St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Carrie Underwood Visits St. Jude [VIDEO]
Carrie Underwood visits St. Jude as part of Country Cares seminar and talks about how St. Jude provides hope for patients and their families.
"St. Jude is a good atmosphere for the children," Underwood said after meeting with patients and families.
Army Strong [VIDEO]
Six year old Evan Pertile has loved the Army since the ripe old age of two and a half; yet, he never met a soldier. On Thanksgiving night, Evan woke up with a terrible headache, and his life was changed forever.  He was diagnosed with cancer.  Watch this video, it is very moving...
The Fight Against Cancer – Ben & Hayden [VIDEO]
The St. Jude staff believes that hope is essential to life, and that hope can directly influence the well-being of pediatric patients. Hope can help patients make the best of difficult moments and make sense of having a serious illness. Dreams, wishes and goals point toward today or the future, and …
Kicker Gears Up For the Country Cares For St. Jude Kids Radiothon
Kicker 102.5 will be hosting the Country Cares for St. Jude Kid’s Radiothon on February 24 & 25, 2011 from 6am to 6pm daily.  Country Cares for St. Jude Kids® is one of the most successful radio fund-raising events in America. St. Jude Children Research Hospital has been actively involved in Rad…