‘Falling Skies’ Review: “Be Silent and Come Out”
‘Falling Skies’ season three rains down its sixth episode of the year with “Be Silent and Come Out,” as Hal's bug is finally revealed in taking Tom hostage, while Pope creates a dangerous situation for the group, and Marina Peralta shares her suspicions about the Volm weapon.
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‘Falling Skies’ Review: “Search and Recover”
‘Falling Skies’ season three rains down its fifth episode of the year with “Search and Recover,” as Tom and Pope struggle through the wilderness to return to Charleston, while Weaver leads a search party to find the missing Anne and Alexis.
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The New Dallas Is Coming to TNT Next Summer
True story:  My parents were HUGE "Dallas" fans. My brother once broke his arm, and my parents made him wait until a commercial break to tell them about it.... THEN... he had to wait until the show was over for them to take him to the hospital... sorry MawMaw.