You've seen the show Ghost Whisperer, or the Dog Whisperer, a show on how to tame your dog, there was even a movie called the Horse Whisperer. Well, now there is a man who claims he can tame a shark, a Shark Whisperer. Are you kidding me?

The brave man's name is Andre Hartman, and he's got photographic proof that he can tame a shark. Here's how he does it, he places his hands on the shark's snout to put it in a trance and make it open its jaws. The diving guide from South Africa had his first encounter with a great white shark back in 1977 according to X-Ray magazine. During that encounter the shark "tried to bite him!" So Andre has learned to sort of put the shark in a state of hypnosis.

Doug Perrine, the photographer able to capture the spell-binding moment tells the Daily Mail that the snout of the shark is “loaded with nerve endings, and the system became overloaded from the stimulus.” Cue the shark’s pleasantly confused, dream-like state…

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