Yeah, sometimes it's tough being a radio dude.

But that's another story for another day, last night it was great to be at the annual Taste of Texarkana to benefit Harvest Texarkana out at the Four States Arena.

40 restaurants, 9 of which were new to the event participated plus beer and wine distributors and local chefs did demonstrations. I think all had a great time. And if you left there hungry, that was your own fault. Wow the food was good.




Just a few standouts for me;

  • Pop's Place - Prime rib and bread pudding.
  • Copeland's - Killed by Chocolate
  • Big Jake's - Ribs
  • Wing Stop - Wings (DUH)
  • McAlisters Deli - Tea and cookies

Oh yeah, I ate real healthy last night... NOT!

Unfortunately I got too way too full, way too fast, there was a lot of great stuff I missed out on. I did my best though. There's always next year.

Congratulations to Harvest Texarkana for pulling off another successful event and thanks to all the sponsors, vendors and their employees who worked hard to make it happen, and the folks who showed up and put down their hard earned money for this very worthwhile charity.

As you will see in the photos below, I think my youngest son is enjoying this event more each year as well. Go figure!