Here's another reason you should kick yourself in the backside for not sticking with those piano, dance, or bodyguard lessons your folks paid good money for when you were a kid.  (???)

When TAYLOR SWIFT wraps a tour, she takes every single employee from that tour along with her on vacation.

That's what she told Australia's "Kyle & Jackie O Show".  She said, quote, "We usually take everyone on a vacation, like everybody, every single person on the tour... band, dancers, crew.

"We usually pick somewhere beautiful and tropical... we haven't started planning it yet because the tour is only halfway done.  We do that, it's really wonderful to take everyone on a trip."

(It's tough to top Taylor's generosity... but let's see who can get the closest.  What awesome vacation did your boss send you on?)

(And I'm not talking because they wanted to jump your bones, or because you won some sales contest.  They just decided to be generous and give you the vacation of a lifetime.)

(And now the OTHER side of that equation:  What went WRONG when your boss, or bosses, took the entire company on vacation?)