The "Team Save Bobby Petrino" Face Book group is almost 8,000 members strong and they're taking their message of support to Fayetteville this evening.


The rally is planned for 7:00 PM in front of the Broyles Center.  The "Save Petrino" Face Book group welcome page urges members to:

“email Athletic Director Jeff Long at the following email addresses to express your support for Coach Petrino to remain the head coach of our football team,”

I fail to see how this is productive. Why would you want to flood Jeff Longs inbox with messages telling him what he already knows? Do you think Mr Long is oblivious to the fact Petrino has a lot of supporters? Don't you think it would be best for the program if you just left the guy alone and let him finish his investigation? Do you really think he has time to sit and go through thousands of "Save Petrino" emails?

As I said in my earlier post, Mr Long needs to make an announcement as quick as possible. The fan base is on pins and needles awaiting his findings and to hear his decision on Petrino's fate. The suspense is driving us nuts!


On a related topic, I've heard quite a few people say that if Long fires Petrino his days at the UA will be numbered. Why on earth would people go after Long for firing Petrino in this situation? Long has done nothing wrong here. He didn't start this mess and Petrino is HIS GUY. Do you think he WANTS to fire him? Make no mistake, if Long does fire Petrino it will be because he has NO CHOICE. Not because he has it in for him. Not because he wants to. Some fans need to reign in their emotions and let common sense prevail. There is NOBODY to blame for this mess but Petrino. Long is trying to clean up Petrino's mess.


My little birdy is telling me a decision will most likely be announced later today. Due to the info I've been told (and I'm NOT saying this information is 100% accurate, just that I trust the source and rarely have they been wrong over the years on matters such as this), I think these fans efforts are going to be in vain. At this point, if Mr Long announces he's not firing Petrino, I will be surprised.