Obviously, the most important thing for the Razorbacks to do is to beat #1 LSU on Friday, but there are other games that could affect the Razorbacks standings in the BCS when the smoke clears on Sunday.

The outcome of games involving common opponents between LSU, Bama and Arkansas are irrelevant since they affect all three teams at the top of the polls.

There are other games which will directly either boost or hurt the Hogs chances of leap frogging Bama and/or LSU.

Obviously, there's the Alabama vs Auburn game. If Bama were to lose, then it would become a two way race between Arkansas and LSU.

Texas @ Texas A&M - An Aggies win would help boost the Hogs strength of schedule.

Oregon State @ Oregon - An Oregon loss weakens LSU SOS.

Virginia Tech @ Virginia - A Virgina Tech loss weakens LSU's  SOS.

Clemson @ South Carolina - A Gamecock win strengthens Arkansas' SOS.

Penn State @ Wisconsin - A Penn State loss weakens Bama's SOS.


The more of those games that go the Hogs way, the better position the porkers will be in. None of it matters if the Hogs lose to LSU though.

Alright, what's your score prediction?? I say.. umm.. dang, this is hard.. Arkansas 24 - LSU 21. Hocker hits the game winning field goal in the 2nd overtime.