Tuesday was KELLIE PICKLER'S 25th birthday, and in case you missed it, "Taste of Country" did one of those '10 Things You Didn't Know About So-and-so' type deals.  You probably heard some of these before, but a couple were news to us.

#1.)  Her idea of a perfect date is a cheeseburger and a movie.

#2.)  She used to take nursing classes, and once worked as a roller-skate waitress at Sonic.

#3.)  She was raised by her grandparents from the age of two.

#4.)  She wants to guest star on the TV show "House".

#5.)  She threatened to dye her hair black... to avoid the 'dumb blonde' label and be taken more seriously as an artist.

#6.)  She struggled with depression... but the medication made her even crazier.

#7.)  Her idol is DOLLY PARTON.

#8.) Her dream duet is with JOAN JETT... or PINK.

#9.)  She loves horror movies.

#10.)  She loves CLINT EASTWOOD... and wants to lick his face.  (???)

(Everyone already knows this, since Kellie told ELLEN DEGENERES a million times.  Ellen arranged a meeting last year... sadly there was no face-licking.)