Two girls were enjoying a nice day out in South Africa when the unimaginable happened. 

Reported in Outside magazine, a terrified impala was running from two hungry cheetahs when it literally jumped through the window of a nearby car. Can you even imagine how you would react if that happened to you. I know that I would be FREAKING OUT.

I bet it is awesome to see all different animals roaming around Africa, but I would like to view them all from outside my car. The impala just had to do what it had to do to remain safe. I think it was very brave (and smart) for making that jump and even thinking to do that.

The passengers of the vehicle stayed calm until the cheetahs were gone and the impala was safe. Glad that everyone was okay, but still can't even imagine being in that situation. Talk about a memory that will stay with them forever!

Check out the video below and to read the full story, click here.